Commit 45497070 authored by Eric Schewe's avatar Eric Schewe
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Re-ordered buttons so they match the order of the jouranl to make things

more effecient
parent ae935bdf
...@@ -263,11 +263,11 @@ ...@@ -263,11 +263,11 @@
<body> <body>
<button class="left" id="reset" onClick="buttonReset()">Reset</button> <button class="left" id="reset" onClick="buttonReset()">Reset</button>
<button class="left" id="0" onClick="buttonClick(0)">EMF5</button> <button class="left" id="0" onClick="buttonClick(0)">EMF5</button>
<button class="left" id="5" onClick="buttonClick(5)">Prints</button>
<button class="left" id="3" onClick="buttonClick(3)">Temps</button>
<button class="left" id="1" onClick="buttonClick(1)">Orbs</button> <button class="left" id="1" onClick="buttonClick(1)">Orbs</button>
<button class="left" id="2" onClick="buttonClick(2)">Writing</button> <button class="left" id="2" onClick="buttonClick(2)">Writing</button>
<button class="left" id="3" onClick="buttonClick(3)">Temps</button>
<button class="left" id="4" onClick="buttonClick(4)">Box</button> <button class="left" id="4" onClick="buttonClick(4)">Box</button>
<button class="left" id="5" onClick="buttonClick(5)">Prints</button>
<p id="Ghosts"> <p id="Ghosts">
<br/>Please select evidence<br/> <br/>Please select evidence<br/>
</p> </p>
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